Sunday, December 9, 2012

Corsair - Corsair

Corsair - Corsair (2012) Shadow Kingdom Records
Produced by Corsair
Tracks : 1.Agathyrsi 2.Chaemera 3.Falconer 4.Gryphon wing 5.Path of the chosen arrow 6.Mach 7.Of kings and cowards 8.The desert
3 out of 5

With a sound dated to classic rock, the Virginia based band Corsair´s debut album could´ve been released in 1975. This album´s good, no doubt. At first, I thought the production sounded a bit naked but then again, it suits them. Many songs are heavily influenced by Thin Lizzy, the Nightlife/Fighting era but a bit more progressive not far from the Rush clones Shiva and also with a touch of NWOBHM a la Diamond Head. The highlights are "Path of the chosen arrow", "Chaemera" and "Falconer". I think Phil Lynott would´ve been proud over "Chaemera", or is it a lost Thin Lizzy song? Heck, I don´t know. 3 instrumental songs out of 8 might seem a bit too much but the instrumental pieces are quite good, "Mach" is my favorite.
Real nice.

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